Sharon Lawrence shares the details on Brooke's bachelorette party on tonight's all-new One Tree Hill!
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By: Lauren Pinney

For the characters of One Tree Hill, life has been everything but a fairytale as they struggle to prevail through life and death experiences. Seasoned actress Sharon Lawrence is enjoying her extended stay in her home state of North Carolina while she portrays Sylvia, the over-bearing future mother-in-law to the formerly unlucky-in-love-Brooke (played by Sophia Bush).

Throughout the current season we've watched Brooke and Sylvia's relationship reach several ups and downs, but nothing can compare to what viewers can expect to see in tonight's all-new episode. Brooke joins the girls for a wild night out on the town for her bachelorette party, which just happens to feature a special appearance by rocker Dave Navarro. As the morning rolls around, the girls are left to piece together the night before amidst the wreckage of the day after.

We got the scoop from Sharon Lawrence on what viewers can expect in upcoming episodes of One Tree Hill!

HTZ interviews Sharon Lawrence about her character on One Tree Hill!
Photo Credit: Fred Norris | The CW

The cast members of ONE TREE HILL have been working together for many years now, so what was it like coming into the show this season and working with the cast?

They are very welcoming. But I think that my perspective was a little unique because I had already worked with Sophia (Bush) on a pilot, so that meant that I had a familiar face and actually the one that I was going to be spending most of my scenes with. And she is, I think, the biggest reason I accepted the offer because I was so impressed with her and she was also directing the first episode that I was in. I'm the past chair of the Women In Film Foundation, and I loved supporting female directors.

I was also happy to be home. I'm from North Carolina so to me that was one of the things I knew that I could count on, which was that I was going to be happy being in that part of the world.

HTZ interviews Sharon Lawrence about her character on One Tree Hill!
Photo Credit: Fred Norris | The CW

Do they film the show in the studio lot or do they shoot on location around town?

Both. There's the lot that the Screen Gems Studio owns and that's where Haley's home is and all the interiors. Brooke's interior for her apartment is there and the bar interior and the recording studio and the record company. But then the exteriors, like Clothes Over Bros outside, and even inside Clothes Over Bros is an actual storefront on the main street in Wilmington. The exterior of Haley's house is on a beautiful little inlet off the intracoastal waterways. So, they mix it up.

And this episode this week for the show that is on tonight, which is like a female version of The Hangover, we used all different areas of town. We used the fire stations and frat houses and country and western bars and lots of crazy places. (Laughs)

Do you get a lot of fan interaction when you are out filming those scenes?

Oh yes; they are there. They definitely are excited to see us when we are actually filming the scenes and when we are headed back and forth to our trailers. There's always somebody there ready to take a photograph or get an autograph signed.

HTZ interviews Sharon Lawrence about her character on One Tree Hill!
Photo Credit: Fred Norris | The CW

You've played a lot of different characters in the past, what was it like coming onto the show and sliding into the role of an over-bearing mom?

The key for me was recognizing that this was someone who was so attached to her son, her only child, and they had had such a good time together. They really did have a good relationship and they were a happy family at one point. I just saw her as someone who was trying to recapture that and very dedicated to staying a part of her son's life. And underneath that is someone who is lonely and who needs to be included. I think all of us can relate to that feeling and recognize that sometimes it brings out the best in us, because we make a good choice around how we pursue that and sometimes we make a bad choice in how we pursue it. I think that Sylvia is very relatable. A lot of women who are this age and watch the show, they know somebody like that. It's not so much about being mean spirited as it is the need for connection.

Ultimately what this mother-in-law / daughter-in-law relationship will bring is a stronger bond with someone who Sylvia is only going to benefit from knowing. And I think the same is true for - you know, Brooke and Sylvia they have a big cavern to cross emotionally, and tonight's episode is where they take the leap off the precipice and where they land will determine how the rest of Brooke's marriage goes. It will be a big influence on it. These are two strong personalities, but they both have valid points of view. And lets not forget, Sylvia was going to pay for everything. She's not only selfish, she's generous too.

HTZ interviews Sharon Lawrence about her character on One Tree Hill!
Photo Credit: Fred Norris | The CW

Do you think that young girls can expect mother-in-law relationships to be like that of Brooke and Sylvia?

I hope that every girl gets a mother-in-law like mine. She's just amazing. She is one of my best friends. She's incredible. And it's because she lived her own life and didn't feel the need to dominate mine. I also met her when I was a grown-up. I think it depends on the age that a girl gets married as to whether or not a mother-in-law will feel that she doesn't have any need to step in and guide the Bride away (laughs). But every woman's wedding should be her own, so any smart mother-in-law should realize that that's not the place to make a stand.

You and Sophia get along so well behind-the-scenes, so what was it like filming the scene where Brooke and Sylvia had their big confrontation?

Oh, it was like playing great tennis. You know, we have such great respect for each other, we could go anywhere. And it's great to work with somebody who is so skilled. I've been doing this a long time and there are different levels of skills, especially when you are working with younger people. She is a seasoned pro. It was the best kind of partnership you could want.

HTZ interviews Sharon Lawrence about her character on One Tree Hill!
Photo Credit: Fred Norris | The CW

What can we expect from the upcoming episodes of One Tree Hill?

Well tonight is going to be a wild ride with Dave Navarro as one of the components. As I was telling somebody else, you feel like Brooke is in Alice in Wonderland looking through the looking glass with all the crazy characters and circumstances that she comes up against tonight. The wedding is everything that you could hope for and more with this show.

Tune into The CW tonight at 8PM to catch an all-new episode of One Tree Hill!

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